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Francis and Margaret Ward started the funeral home in 1937. Francis had worked for Cloud Funeral Home in Marcus Hook and felt that he could provide the same or better service so they opened the Ward Funeral Home in Linwood, Lower Chichester.

Shortly after opening the business, Francis passed away leaving Margaret to raise their family and build the funeral business. Their son Joseph A. Ward decided to follow in his mother and fathers business and became a licensed funeral director. Margaret remained in charge of the funeral business for many years.

When Joe took over the funeral home, the name was changed to Joseph A. Ward Funeral Home, Inc. Joe’s son Edward J. Ward decided to also follow in his grandparents and fathers footsteps and became a licensed funeral director. In recent years Ed has been serving as Supervisor of Joseph A. Ward Funeral Home and is honored to be the recipient of the 2012 Sol Saltzman Award by the Marcus Hook Old Timers Association.

With the assistance of the supportive staff of the Joseph A. Ward Funeral Home, Inc., we are able to provide the quality of service Francis and Margaret Ward had envisioned.

Since 1937 we have offered continuous funeral service to Linwood,
Pennsylvania, and surrounding communities.

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