What was once considered a “Traditional Funeral” is quite different today. Generations followed the age-old process that included a wake, visitation period of one to three days, with church service and burial following. Today’s funerals are more of a celebration of life and less structured, often reflecting the personality, life and times of the beloved friend or family member.

At Jos. A. Ward Funeral Home, our “Traditional Service” includes all the components needed to celebrate the life of your loved one… with a number of personalization options available.

Included in the cost of a “Traditional Service”:

  • Services of our funeral director and staff, who direct the service, obtain all necessary documentation (including legal documentation and death notices/obituaries), the transporting of the deceased from the hospital or location of death to the Funeral Home, embalming and preparation of the deceased including dressing and cosmetics. We also include the use of our facility and staff for a viewing or visitation the evening before burial and/or the morning of the burial as well as staffing for the set-up and service at your church or other facility and transporting of the deceased.

Additional expenses not included:

  • Casket, memorial items such as a registry book, memorial service handouts, thank you/ acknowledgement cards, clothing and hairdressing for the deceased, and cemetery costs.

Please discuss personalization options, Traditional Funeral costs and your needs with our funeral service professionals. We’re there when you need us.


Although cremation dates back 26,000 years, cremation has become more and more common in recent times. Some people view cremation as a simpler, more natural funeral process, while others prefer the lower cost of cremation to traditional burial.

Personalization and a variety of container (urn) sizes and styles are available for cremation. As for services, a traditional funeral service with an open or closed casket can, and often does take place before a cremation. Another option is to hold a memorial service after cremation with or without the urn present. A third option is cremation without a funeral or memorial service.

Whether you choose burial and a “touchstone” for the garden, a cemetery memorial, mausoleum vault with a plaque, or decide on a scattering under a newly planted tree, you and your family will have a the opportunity to memorialize your loved one and keep him or her close to you for years to come.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. We are here when you need us.

If this is an emergency please call us: 610-485-2425. For pre-arrangements or non-emergencies we also offer this online form. Please complete the appropriate details so that we may help you. Required items are noted with an asterisk *.